Dua after prayers

Imam Baqir (a.s.) says One who sits quietly after each mandatory prayer and recites 3 times the following , Allah will pardon all his sins:

I seek forgiveness from the Lord (testifying) There is no God other than Him The Living and the Everlasting Of Majesty and Splendour And I turn to Him In Repentence!

Astaghfarallah allazi la ilaha illa huwal hayyal qayyumo zuljalal e wal ikraame wa aatube ilaihi

Imam Sadiq has said that if a person recites 30 times Subhan Allah:after each compulsory prayer, all his sins will be pardoned 

Imam Mohammed Baqir (a.s.) has said that after every mandatory prayer, there is no better invocation than the Tasbeeh e Fatima (a.s.). If there was any other, more effective, way of Praising Allah, the Prophet (a.s.) would most certainly have instructed his daughter about that. Imam Jafar e Sadiq has said that reciting the Tasbeeh e Fatima (a.s.) after every compulsory prayer is better than performing a thousand genuflection

Allaho Akbar (34 times)

Alhamdu lillah (33 times)

Subhan Allah(33 times)



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